天津市 Tianjin Municipality
天津教会The Church in Tianjin
In the past, Tianjin was in the province of Zhili. The Church in Tianjin was administered by the Beijing Diocese. In 1912, Tianjin was separated from Beijing and became an independent Vicariate.
Colonial powers established concessions in Tianjin. Anti-foreign feelings were aroused in the population. In 1869, the Wanghailou church was restored by French missionaries and renamed Our Lady of Victories.
In June 1870, rioters set fire to the church, killing 2 priests and 10sisters. Church and orphanage were then rebuilt with the compensation paid by the civil authorities.
Famous Catholic Schools were opened in Tianjin by the Marist Brothers(1891)and the F.M.M.sisters(1914).In 1922, the Jesuits founded the Industrial and Commercial School. In the early 20th century, a Chinese patriotic movement developed in Tianjinwith the support of the Belgian Lazarist Vincent Lebbe.
Lay people formed an Association for the Propagation of the faith in 1909. They held their first congress in 1911. Catholic leaders opposed a governmental project to impose Confucianism as a State Religion. On the 10th of October 1916, 5th anniversary of the Republican Revolution, they launched the Catholic Daily Yishibao. Unfortunately, the French Consul attempted to expand the French concession with the land at Laoxikai church. He and the bishop met with strong opposition from the part of Fr. Lebbe and the Chinese catholic leaders. Fr. Lebbe was removed from Tianjin.
Among V.Lebbe’s Chinese friends Vincent Ying Lianzhi was well known for his contribution to catholic education. In 1902, he had launched in Tianjin the Jouenal Dagongbao with a view to enlighten people on the Christian teachings. From 1913 to his death in 1926, he spent all his energies towards the foundation of Furen Catholic University.
天津教区Tianjin Diocese
(北京-东南147公里)(147km south-east of Beijing)
分出冀海滨代牧区(1912)V.A.of Tchely Maritime 1912
由遣使会管理under the Frenh Lazarists CM
1912-1920杜保禄 Paul Dumond CM
天津代牧区(1924)Vicariate of Tianjin 1924
天津教区(1946) Tianjin Diocese 1946
1920-1951文贵宾 Jean de Vienne CM
1953- 张弼德 Johannes Zhang
1958- 李德培 Li Depei
1948年教会统计 1948 Church Statistics
圣堂:260座 Catholic churches: 260
司铎:80位(中国48,外国32) Priests: 80 (Chinese 48, Foreign 32)
修女:173位(中国100,外国73)Sisters:173 (Chinese 100, Foreign 73)
教友:50,000人 Catholics: 50,000
政区划分:Civil Administrative Divisions:
8个城区,5郊区,8 City Districts, 5 in the suburbs,
+Jixian, Baodixian, Wuqingxian, Jinghaixian, Ninghexian
 Bishop: Shi Hongchen ( privately consec. On Aug. 11, 1982, openly installed on May 27, 1992)
 地址:天津市和平区西宁道9号[300052] Address: 9 Xiningdao, Hepingqu [300052]
 电话:022-2781 1929 Tel.: 022-2781 1929
主教专线:022-2635 1172 Special line: 022-2635 1172
Li Side (unofficial, arrested on Dec. 9, 1989, freed on June 7, 1991)
石鸿桢(非官方)Shi Hongzhen (unofficial)
神父:30位 Priests: 30
教区神父名单 Priests names.
1989.12.21:朱立戈 1989: Zhu Lige
1991.12.21:张良,王学凌 1991: Zhang Liang, Wang Xueling
1992.07.25:刘行杰 1992: Liu Xingjie
1992:郭树君 1992: Guo Shujun
1995.02.05:徐海明1995: Xu Haiming
1995: Chai Wei, Zhao Jianjun, Yuan Shuguo, Yuan Zhenbin
1996.03.10:孙建强 1996: Sun Jianqiang
1999.11.30:石岩贺,王世军,郄全景 1999: Shi Yanhe, Wang Shijun, Qie Quanjing
2000.08.06:常国文,韩雨亭,侯文 2000: Chang Guowen, Han Yuting, Hou Wen
2001.11.30:穆金钟 2001: Mu Jinzhong
2002.01.01:王景峰 2002: Wang Jingfeng
2002.06.29:李冬 2002: Li Dong
2002: Ji Shurong, Xu Huijun, ZhangYujin, Zhang Zhong, Gao Shaocang, Zhang Zhizhou, Li Zhaoqiang
修生:14位 Seminarians:14
 (在上海,北京,沈阳) (in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang)
修女:仁爱修女会34人 Sisters: 34 sisters of Charity
 (其中8位已发终生愿)(8 of them have taken their solemn vows)
教友:十万名Faithful: 100,000
天津市区天主堂 Tianjin City Churches
若瑟堂(老西开)Church of St. Joseph (Laoxikai)
Address: Hepingqu 9 Xining dao, TIANJIN [300052]
电话:022-2781 1929 Tel.: 022-2781 1929
传真:022-2781 1252 Fax: 022-2781 1252
公共汽车:3路 Bus: #03
神父:张良,李冬,张志周 Priests: Zhang Liang, Li Dong, Zhang Zhizhou
教友人数:30,000 Faithful: 30,000
平日弥撒:6.00,7.30 Daily mass: 6.00,7.30 am
主日弥撒:6.00,7.30,10.00;晚19.00 Sunday mass: 6.00,7.30, 10.00; 19.00
堂区网页:www.tjdiocese.com Diocese Web site: www.tjdiocese.com
老西开天主堂简史 Brief History of Laoxikai Church
Laoxikai Church is also called “The French Church”.It was officially re-opened on 15 August 1980 on the Feast of Assumption of Our Lady.
The size of the church is fairly big. It can accommodate about 2,000 people. There are two weekday masses, 5.00 a.m. and 6.00 a.m. More than a thousand people attend the weekday masses. There are 4 masses on Sundays.
Xikai Catholic Church is an imposing and grand building, adopting the French Romanesque style of architecture. Construction work first commenced in 1914 and it was completed 3 years later. The plane assumes the shape of a long cross. Three towers rise above the front and back. The tiles on the roof of the stairs turrets are yellow and red. Those of the domes above the towers are green. The large windows form an arch under the naves.
The interior of the church is divided into 3 naves. The inner face of the walls is painted with colourful scenes and beautifully decorated. It is the biggest church in Tianjin. The buildings by the sides of the church were the Bishop’s House and priests’ residenc.
怎样去老西开?How to go to Laoxikai?
From the Friendship Hotel, you can see the towers of the church in the west. Take bus no.3 in that direction to the stop Binjiang dao. Then walksouthwards to the church.
天津大修院 Tianjin Major Seminary
 (1994年9月1日开学)(opened on Sept, 1, 1994)
院长:李文忠 Rector: Li Wenzhong
地址:狮子林大街292号邮政编码:[300143] Address:292 Shizilin Dajie Tianjin [300143]
电话:022-2635 1172 Tel.: 022-2635 1172
教师:王学凌神父 Superior: Fr. Wang Xueling
修生:30多名 Students: 30 over
望海楼天主堂 Wanghailou Catholic Church
主教:石洪臣 Bishop: Shi Hongchen
神父:石岩贺,高少仓 Priest: Shi Yanhe, Gao Shaocang
Address: Wanghailou Church, 292 Shizilin Street, Hebeiqu, Tianjin [300143]
电话:022-2635 1172 Tel.: 022-2635 1172
教友人数:10,000 Faithful: 10,000
怎样去?How to go there?
The church is on the east bank of the Hai river, north of the Shizilin Bridge. From the city center follow the river banl towards the north.
历史简介Brief History
Wanghailou Catholic Church was built in 1773. It was once an imperial residence. Emperor Gaozong of the Qing dynasty named it “Haihelou”. In 1861 in the 11th year of the reign of Emperor Xian Feng ,it was amalgamated with adjoining Chongxiguan formerly known as Xianglinyuan to form the French concessions.
In 1869, the church was repaired and the name was changed to Church of Our Lady of Victories. On 21 June 1870 in the wake of the Tianjin incident, it was burnt down by the angry citizens of Tianjin. In 1897, it was rebuilt on its original site.
Three years later in 1900 during the boxer Rebellion, Wanghailou was again destroyed.
In 1904, the Catholic Church was indemnified for the Boxer Rebellion. For the second time, the Wanghailou Church was rebuilt. In addition, a Bishop’s house and a public school for boys and girls were built by the sides of the Church. The Bishop’s house was transferred to Xikai Catholic Church in 1914.
During the Cultural Revolution, Wanghailou Church suffered serious damage for the third time.It was again wrecked during the great Tangshan earthquake in 1976. Its tower cracked. The hall at the back collapsed. The gables tilted. The whole place was in a dilapidated state.
In 1984, the dilapidated Wanghailou Church was returned to the Catholic Church. Renovation work commenced in mid-1984. After half a year’s work, it was officially opened on the 8th of December 1985, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The church is now classified as a municipality’s cultural relic.
紫竹林女修院天主堂 Zizhulin Church
仁爱修女会 营口道14号[300041]
Sisters of Charity Convent 14 Yingkou avenue [300041]
电话:022-2312 7396 Tel.: 022-2312 7396
南开区西南角天主堂[300092] Nankaiqu xinanjiao Catholic Church
 (1998年3月19日祝圣)(consec.on March 19,1998)
神父:赵建军 Priest: Zhao Jianjun
 天津郊区天主堂 Tianjin Suburban Churches
西郊西青区 West suburbs Xiqingqu
李七庄乡边村天主堂[300381] Liqizhuang Biancun Cat. Church [300381]
神父:侯文 Priest: Hou Wen
教友人数:500名 Faithful: 500
南郊 South-west
庄村天主堂 Zhuangcun Catholic Church
公共汽车157路 Bus # 157
教友:四十户 Faithful:40 families
北闸口镇仁字营[300350] Beizhakouzhen Renziying [300350]
耶稣圣心堂 Sacred Heart Church
神父:穆金钟 Priest: Mu Jinzhong
教友人数:3,000名 Faithful: 3,000
东丽区么六桥向阳村天主堂[300300] Dongliqu Xiangyangcun Church
Take bus 51(direction Tanggu) to ZhangguizhuangChange bus 67 to Xiangyangcun
神父:王世军 Priest: Wang Shijun
教友人数:1,000名 Faithful: 1,000
西北区 North-west
武清区 Wuqing
曹子里乡前台村大三庄天主堂[301700] Caozilixiang Dasanzhuang Cat. Church
神父:常国文 Priest: Chang Gouwen
教友人数:1,000名 Faithful: 1,000
白古屯乡小韩村天主堂[301712] Baigutun Xiaohancun Church [301712]
神父:袁振彬 Priest: Yuan Zhenbin
教友人数:5,000名 Faithful: 5,000
黄庄乡城上村[301700] Huangzhuangxiang Chengshangcun
圣家天主堂(2002年9月7日祝圣)Holy Family Church (consec. 7-9-2002)
神父:李兆强 Priest: Li Zhaoqiang
教友人数:1,000名Faithful: 1,000
北辰区 North
青光乡铁锅店天主堂[300401] Qingguangxiang Tieguodian Church
神父:暂缺 Priest: Vacant
教友人数:500名Faithful: 500
宝抵县 Baodi
 (天津以北80公里)(80 Km north of Tianjin)
郝各庄乡侯家庄村天主堂[301800] Haogezhuangxiang Houjiazhuang Church
神父:苏德谦 Priest: Su Deqian
教友人数:4,000名Faithful: 4,000
黑狼口乡老庄子天主堂[301800] Heilangkouxiang Laozhuangzi Cat. Church
神父:徐海明 Priest: Xu Haiming
蓟县 Jixian (T J)
 (宝抵以北46公里)(46 km north of Baodi)
蓟县天主堂 Jixian Catholic Church
地址:洇溜镇八里庄四区110号[301900] 110,4th district, Balizhuang, Yinliuzhen [301900]
离县城20公里远的天主教团体 Catholic community, 20km from Jixian city
神父:孙全信 Priest: Sun Quanxin
李思德主教住的地方。Residence of Bishop Li Side.
杨津庄圣母无染原罪堂 Yangjinzhuang Immaculate Conception.Church


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