Yuyencian(Local spelling is “幽燕民族”) is an ancient nation,often called”Yan(燕)”as we short name.
We have a common language, it is called “Yenpolish(燕语)”, like Mandarin.
We live in Yenland(燕地), it is located Far East between Eurasia prairie and the Pacific Ocean ,Specifically, it is in the west coast of the Bohai Sea(渤海), north and south sides of Yanshan(燕山), and between the Haihe River Basin(海河). Therefore, we are both an Inner Asia nation and a marine nation.
Our main religious faith is Roman Catholicism, we have a lot of martyrdom saints, Our Loyalty church is a Catholic fortress in the Far East.
Therefore, we are an independent nation, Zhonghua minzu and Han people are not real nation, they are nothing to do with us, we are not Chinese, and nor is it a part of the Chinese.
Three thousand years ago, Yuyencian established their own independent country —— Kingdom of Yan, one of the Seven Warring States, Since fall of the Brutal king of Qin, also repeatedly reconstruction. Today was again enslaved by the evil empire of the Communist Party, therefore, our current political goals, that is to expel the aggressor, then in our Yuyencian’s land, Unite the people of the eight major ethnic groups in Yenland, jointly Once again established an independent sovereign nation – Federation of Yuyencia, Let Yuyencian rule Yuyencia. The political movement initiated by the Yuyencian, It is called ” Yuyencia independence movement (幽燕独立运动)”,abbreviation is “YIM”. The related theory of the Yuyencian and YIM is called Yuyencianism(幽燕民族主义).
This article is intended to elaborate on the goal and significance of YIM, and preliminary finishing of Yuyencia history, Awaken the Yuyencian sense of national self-determination, Restores our Yuyencian’s motherland.

Chapter One:Definition of Yuyencian

The general definition of modern Yuyencian : 1. Born in Yenland 2. Yenpolish as the mother tongue 3. It must be a Catholic.
Point 1 and 2 as the basic conditions, represent the most basic cultural identity. So , who love their hometown, can speak fluent native dialect, succeed Yuyencian’s national spirit, It can be called generalized or traditional Yuyencian. As a distinction between ancient and modern Yuyencian’s standards, Point 3 is the most important. Catholicism came from the Western world, and It’s a new religion faith, But it is the most important force that unites the community of Yuyencian. Catholic faith has mingle with the Yan national spirit, let Yuyencian can join into today’s human universal civilization. So only full of these three point , it can become a modern Yuyencian, also refers to the Yuyencian in the narrow sense. Now Yenland’s total population of about one hundred million, in the narrow sense, Yuyencian have about two million people, we need more people required to spontaneously agree with the Yuyencian here, it can become a Living real nation. If the birthplace and mother tongue although do not meet the above criteria, but spontaneous stand by Yuyencian, and willing according to a Yuyencian’s way of life, also want to settle in Yenland, then he or she also belongs to Yuyencian.

(Section1 ):The Yenland

(Section2 ):The Yenpolish

(Section3 ):The Yuyencian

Chapter Two:Explain the name

1.“Yan(燕)”is a very old hieroglyphs.

Chapter Three:Independent reason

(Section1 ):What is a nation-state?
(Section2 ):Why do we say we are not Chinese?
(Section3 ):False nature of the Chinese nation
(Section4 ):Han people just Fellah
(Section5 ):Empire must be disintegrated
(Section6 ):The uniqueness of Yuyencian

Chapter Four:Yuyencian’s consanguinity

Chapter Five:Yuyencian’s culture

Chapter Six:Yuyencian’s religion

Chapter Seven:Yuyencian’s history


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