二零一九年六月十四日,燕独联第一次会议,十一位创会成员全体通过的幽燕西亞独立宣言草案如此:The first meeting of the Union of Yuyencia Independence, June 14, 2019. The draft of the Yuyencia Independence Declaration by all the eleven UYI founding members.



The Independence Declaration of Yuyencia

……..幽燕西亞的主人是燕族人,燕族先民在此生息繁衍,统治地上的万物,创造了繁荣兴盛的燕文明和独立自主的国家。燕族人的国家,在起初既是由自然而生的,也将会符合天主的律法。The owner of Yuyencia is Yuyencian, the ancestors of Yuyencian lived here, rule everything on the land, created a prosperous Yan civilization and an independent country. The country of the Yuyencian is born of nature in the beginning, and it will also conform to God’s law.

……..根据天主的律法,世间万物均由唯一的真天主所创造。因此,一个国家的至高主权也归于天主,有权力代替天主管理国家的统治者,应当是顺从天主律法的人。任何违背天主律法的个人与组织,均无权拥有一个国家的统治权。国家存在的目的就是将人的行为纳入到天主律法的秩序内。因我们人类的始祖凭自由意志对天主犯了罪,人性之恶世代相传,故而人若如无律法约束,便会作恶,这导致人不能够拥有民主,一个缺乏天主律法的乌托邦国度无法实现。在基督降生之前,人类因作恶已招致多次天主的惩罚。自从吾主耶稣基督降生之后,开创了一个新时代,他带来了适用于全人类的天主律法,作为福音由使徒写成了《圣经》,并由教会诠释为神圣传统。耶稣基督作为普世的君王,天主的圣子,拥有全世界的主权。教会作为天主律法的守护者,给予人类的君主管辖一个地方的权力。因此,一个国家合法的统治者,应当是一位由大主教受膏加冕的基督徒君主。According to the laws of God, everything in the world was created by the only one true God. Therefore, the supreme sovereignty of a country also belongs to God. A ruler who is qualified to take the place of God to govern the country is of course a person who obeys God’s law. The ruler who has the right to rule the country on behalf of God should be a person who obeys God’s law. Any individual or organization that violates the law of God has no right to rule a country. The purpose of the country is to incorporate human behavior into the order of the law of God. Because our ancestors of humanity committed sins to God by free will, the evil of human nature is passed on from generation to generation, Therefore, if people are not bound by law, they will do evil. This makes people unable to have democracy, and a utopian country lacking God’s law cannot be realized. Before the birth of Christ, mankind had already incurred many punishments from God for doing evil. Since the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, a new era has been opened, He brought God’s law applicable to all mankind, as the gospel written by the apostles into the《Bible》, and interpreted by the church as a sacred tradition. As the universal king and the Son of God, Jesus Christ has the sovereignty of the whole world. As the guardian of God’s law, the church gives the human monarch the power to rule a place. Therefore, the legal ruler of a country should be a Christian monarch anointed and crowned by a archbishop.

……..在尚未听闻福音的时代,人只受自然律影响,不能够主动行使天主律法,人凭借自己有限的理智,仅可不完整地分辨善恶。此时,一个地方的优先统治者,应当是世代生活于此的原住民,人通过自治便可减少作恶的机会,集权和征服则必会带来奴役和死亡。当福音传播而来,人应顺服于天主律法,如拒绝便丧失其原有的自然管辖权,其地当归由基督徒君主统治,因异教徒本不享有该地主权。对于直接反对天主律法的统治者,任何基督徒,都有责任来捍卫天主的正义,终结其邪恶统治。In the age when the gospel has not yet been heard, people are only affected by the laws of nature and cannot actively exercise the laws of God, People can only incompletely distinguish between good and evil by virtue of their limited intellect. At this time, the priority ruler of a place should be the aboriginal people who have lived here for generations. People can reduce their chances of evil through autonomy, and centralization and conquest will inevitably lead to slavery and death. When the gospel spreads, people should obey the law of God, If refuse, they will lose their original natural jurisdiction, The land will be owned by the Christian monarch, because the heretics do not have sovereignty over the land. For rulers who directly oppose God’s law, any Christian has the responsibility to defend God’s justice and end his evil rule.

……..幽燕西亞长久以来被称为燕地,燕地的人民称作燕人。燕地的先民亚燕氏族在公元前17世纪就已经拥有了独立的城邦国家“燕亳”,它起源于青铜时代早期东北亚西辽河的夏家店文化,这是一个自然形成的原始国家。面对南方的殷商王国的帝国化威胁,燕亳的族人与来自内亚的周人结盟。周人灭商之后在燕地开始实行封建君主制,由姬姓的王室建立了燕国。与诸夏各国取得外交关系后,燕国变得强大起来,在统一燕地四境各部落酋长国之后进而成为东北亚环渤海圈的文明中心。依靠稳固的封建制度,燕国王室血脉一直延续了八百多年。因此,燕地在起初就不属于中国大一统王朝的固有领土,当时的燕国是一个独立的国家,有自己独特的语言、文字、货币,和艺术审美。西方的秦国采用反人道的方式进行帝国主义扩张,非法侵占了当时诸夏的各个自由国家,对被统治者进行残酷奴役,造就了第一个大一统的中国,此后的历次中原王朝,都延续了秦国创造的邪恶统治方式,破坏各国的本族文化,在殖民地进行强制的汉化,如同现在的维吾尔人所遭受的苦难。整个中古时代,由于推崇封建自由的内亚草原游牧部落摧毁了中国大一统王朝的牢笼,才让燕人获得了一次又一次复国的机会,在中国帝国主义者的反扑下,有窦建德、安禄山、张柔等民族英雄站出来,带领燕人奋起抵抗,创造了让后世燕人念念不忘的河朔故事。公元13世纪燕地开始基督教化,燕族人认识了天主的律法,如果没有中国人阻碍,天主教的燕国早已出现。但不久之后幽燕沃土却沦陷于来自中原地区的流民食人族,明帝国入侵者再次恢复中国大一统主义,并将燕京作为帝国统治中心数百年,严厉地奴化燕族人,使得燕族人逐步丧失对本民族优秀文化的认同,以奴隶的身份自认为汉人。The Yuyencia has long been called Yanland(燕地), and the people of Yanland are called Yan people(燕人). Yanland’s ancestors, the Yayan(亚燕) clan, had an independent city-state “Yanbo”(燕亳) in the 17th century BC. It originated from the Xiajiadian culture in the West Liao River in Northeast Asia in the early Bronze Age. This is a natural primitive country. Facing the threat of imperialization of the Shang kingdoms in the south, the people of Yanbo formed an alliance with the Zhou people from Inner Asia. After Zhou people destroyed Shang Dynasty, the feudalism was implemented in Yanland, and the kingdom of Yan was established by the royal family of Ji(姬姓). After obtaining diplomatic relations with the various countries of the Cathaysia(诸夏), the Yan Kingdom became stronger and became the center of civilization in the Bohai Rim of Northeast Asia after unifying the tribal emirates in the four borders of Yanland. Relying on the solid feudalism, the blood of the Yan royal family has lasted for more than 800 years. Therefore, Yanland did not belong to the inherent territory of the China dynasty at first. At that time, Yan State was an independent country with its own unique language, writing, currency, and artistic aesthetics. The Qin State from the West used anti-humanist methods to expand imperialism, illegally invaded and occupied the free countries of Cathaysia at that time, brutally enslaved the ruled, and created the first unified China. All subsequent Chinese dynasties continued the evil ruling method created by Qin, undermining the national culture of various countries and carrying out forced Sinicization in colonies, as the suffering of Uyghurs today. Throughout the Middle Ages, because the nomadic tribes of the Inner Asian steppe that maintained feudal freedom destroyed the cage of the Chinese unified dynasty, the Yan people were given the opportunity to rejuvenate again and again. Under the counterattack of the Chinese imperialists, Dou Jiande, An Lushan, Zhang Rou and other national heroes stepped forward, lead the Yan people to rise up to resist, creating the story of Heshuo(河朔) that be remembered by later generations of the Yan people. In the 13th century AD, Yanland began to be Christianized, and the Yan people started knew the law of God. If there were no obstacles from the Chinese, the Catholic Kingdom of Yan had already appeared. But soon after, the Youyan Fertile Land fell to the refugee cannibals from the Central Plains(中原). The Ming imperial invaders once again restored Chinese Unity Doctrine and used Yanjing(燕京) as the center of imperial rule for hundreds of years, severely enslaving the Yan people. As a result, the Yan people gradually lost their identification with the excellent culture of their own people, and regarded themselves as Han people as slaves.

……..我们承认1909年在天津成立的顺直谘议局拥有对燕地的统治权,它在满洲人的大清帝国解体后的1912年就已获得完全独立建国的资格,它的继承者顺直议会作为第一个在燕地实行本土自治的现代议会政府被世界各国所承认。来自南支那的国民党政府在1928年非法解散了顺直议会,他们作为大中华主义侵略者由苏维埃共产主义邪恶帝国资助,因此我们不承认中国国民党对燕地的统治权,他们将燕地肢解为伪河北省、伪热河省、伪察哈尔省、伪北平市和伪天津市。苏维埃共产国际的支那分支中国共产党是比国民党更加野蛮的侵略者,中国恐怖分子。燕族人的财产被中国殖民者侵占,信仰被打压,教堂被拆毁,人民被奴役。我们不会忘记他们制造了丧尽良知的1966年大兴大屠杀与1989年的北京天安门六四大屠杀,但我们也不会忘记有著名的坦克人与杨佳作为我们燕族人的民族英雄勇敢反抗。更有幽燕天主教会里众多的忠贞信众们誓死也不屈服,捍卫信仰的纯正,他们是天主律法的坚实守护者,也是幽燕国家主权的合法拥有者。共产主义者作为撒旦的奴仆,已经非法统治燕地七十年了,他们作为基督徒的敌人对于燕地不存在任何合法的统治权。在此,我们拒绝共产党和国民党强加于我们的虚假身份——中国人,我们是信仰天主的自由的燕族人!我们的祖国是幽燕西亞!We recognize that the Shunzhi Advisory Bureau established in Tianjin in 1909 has the right to rule Yanland, It was qualified to establish a nation completely independently in 1912 after the disintegration of the Manchurian’s DaQing Empire. Its successor, Shunzhi Parliament, was recognized by all countries in the world as the first modern parliamentary government to implement local autonomy in Yanland. The Kuomintang government from Southern China illegally dissolved the Shunzhi Parliament in 1928. As Chinese imperialism invaders, they were funded by the evil Soviet Communist empire, Therefore, we do not recognize the Chinese Kuomintang’s control over Yanland. They dismembered Yanland into the pseudo-Hebei Province, the pseudo-Rehe Province, the pseudo-Chahar Province, the pseudo-Peking City and the pseudo-Tianjin City. The Communist Party of China, the eastern branch of the Soviet Communist International, is a more brutal aggressor and a Chinese terrorist than the Kuomintang. The property of the Yan people was occupied by Chinese colonists, their beliefs were suppressed, churches were demolished, and the people were enslaved. We will never forget that they created the Daxing Massacre in 1966 and the Tiananmen Massacre in 1989 in Beijing. But we will not forget that the famous tank man and Yang Jia bravely resisted as the national heroes of our Yan people. Moreover, many loyal believers in the Catholic Church of Yanland will not succumb to the death and defend the purity of their beliefs. They are the solid guardians of the law of God and the legal holders of the sovereignty of the country. As Satan’s servants, communists have illegally ruled Yanland for 70 years. As the enemies of Christians, they do not have any legal right to rule Yanland. Here, we reject the false identity imposed on us by the Communist Party and the Kuomintang—Chinese, We are free Yuyencian and believe in God! Our motherland is Yuyencia!

……..在国民党非法窃取幽燕西亞的土地而燕地的议会被迫解散近百年之时,我们幽燕独立联盟成员组建的幽燕西亞临时政府筹委会自2019年6月14日起宣布继承顺直议会的法统,拥有对幽燕西亞的合法统治权。As the time that the Kuomintang illegally stole the land of Yuyencia and Yanland’s parliament was forced to dissolve for nearly a hundred years, The Preparatory Committee of the Yuyencia Interim Government formed by members of the Union of Yuyencia Independent has announced that it will inherit the legal system of the Shunzhi Parliament since June 14, 2019 and has the legal right to rule Yuyencia.

……..我们的复国运动将在天主与诸圣的见证和庇护之下,终结共产主义者与中国人在幽燕西亞这片神圣领土上的非法统治,建立起一个服从天主律法的主权国家,让光荣与自由回归。Under the witness and protection of God and all saints, our restoration movement will end the illegal rule of the communists and the Chinese in the sacred territory of Yuyencia, and establish a sovereign country that obeys the law of God. let Glory and freedom return.



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